Community Wall

Donor Wall Circles at Weidner Field

Dean Weidner and Ed Ragain are inviting the Colorado Springs community to make their mark on Weidner Field by improving the artistic look of the stadium and growing sports outreach programs hosted at the stadium.  You are invited to purchase a Community Wall Circle and apply your name to that circle.  The colors of the various circle sizes will help visually activate Sahwatch Street just below the Neiman Artwork on display.  Each circle has a 10 year life on the wall before being given back to the community member as a keep sake.  

Weidner Field Community Wall

Have your name engraved in Colorado Springs history!

Located on the outer-eastern side of the new, downtown Weidner Field, the Community Wall is a lasting commendation for any and every member of our community.    Each plaque is customized to your liking, and ranges in size.  Whether you want to commemorate your family, immortalize your team, or just have your name for all to see, you will be able to say,

"I was there at the beginning.”

Inspirational Youth Programs to Grow the Game of Soccer

A portion of all Community Wall proceeds will go towards our spring and fall 5v5 tournaments for high school and junior high students. The Switchbacks have a staff that is loaded with professional coaches and players.  Inspiring young and underserved students with athletic potential is valuable by expanding their interest  in soccer and by growing the sport as a whole in our community.

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